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Hannam University is a private university with a Christian tradition in Daejeon. Hannam University was established in 1956 by American missionaries of the Southern Presbyterian Church of the United States (currently PCUSA). Hannam has continued to gain a reputation from the Korean society for its ethical and talented 73,890 graduates serving the Korean society and church. Achieving and maintaining academic excellence in every area of learning, teaching and research is the integral part of Hannam education.

Over the past 60 years, Hannam has attained a remarkable growth to be a recognized private university in Korea and Asia. There are 5 graduate schools, 9 colleges and 44 departments, 10 auxiliary organizations, 33 research institutes, and 234 overseas sister institutions in 46 countries. As a major comprehensive university, Hannam offers a wide array of undergraduate and graduate programs that reflect its commitment to teaching, research, and service to the greater community.

Department of Business Administration

Hannam University's Department of Business Administration was established in 1972 and has a history of almost 50 years. Currently, more than 600 undergraduate students and 50 graduate students are enrolled. We have an alumni network of 3,000 that is not limited to the field of major companies but also to other fields.
We have 17 professors, including 1 emeritus professor, and 1 foreign professor. In addition, 6 assistants are in charge of supporting students.

In a time of increasing globalization, the Department of Business Administration‘s curriculum aims to instill knowledge and skills that students bring to bear and what we do are as follows, focusing on internationalization and informatization.
1) Opening various courses such as international business environment
2) Inviting English-speaking professors for business English classes
3) Offering a language training support program during vacation
4) Operation of various internationalization programs

In addition, by opening classes such as management information system, digital management, and technology management, we are seeking to increase our ability to respond to the rapidly changing information society. In addition, we are equipped with a computer lab and major software to improve our practical skills.

Hannam University's Department of Business Administration will continue to provide better quality education and make every endeavor to provide a better educational environment.


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Name Major Email
Shin Seong Kang Finance skang@hnu.kr
Chan Young Hur International Management ldh1956@hnu.kr
Lee Duk Hoon Finance skang@hnu.kr
Choong Young Jung Digital Management/MIS cyjung@hnu.kr
Gang Ok Jung Marketing gojung@hnu.kr
Hyun-Woong Jin Management Decision Science jin@hnu.kr
Soo Duck Chang HR management sdchang@hnu.kr
Won Seok Yang Management Decision Science wonsyang@hnu.kr
Sung Jip Nam International Management sjnam@hnu.kr
Yongbo Shim HR management simyong77@hnu.kr
Jinho Lee Finance leejinho@hannam.ac.kr
Hee Tae Lee Marketing htlee@hnu.kr
Yo Sung Hwang HR management yshwangg@hanmail.net
Daniel G. Dahl MBA dandahl804@gmail.com
Sanghoon Lee Technology Management lsh1221@hnu.kr
Bo hee Jung Marketing bohee@hnu.kr
Kyung Hee Park Finance kheepark@hnu.kr

Course Curriculum

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Marketing Marketing Management, Consumer Behavior, Advertising Management, Marketing Channel Management, Internet Marketing, Services Marketing, High-Technology Marketing
HR management Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Industrial Relations, Organization Theory, Organization Development, Human Relations
Finance Financial Management, Investment in Securities, Financial Intermediaries, Corporate finance, Business Analysis, Financial Management Seminar
Management Decision Science Production & Operations Management, Management Decision Making, Management of Technology, Management information system, Total Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, Digital Management, Strategic Management of Innovation
International Management Global Business Management, Global Business and Economics, Global Market Strategy, Global Business Strategy, Seminar on Emerging Markets
Accounting Financial Accounting, Managing Accounting
Business practice Commercial Law, Business English, Current Issues in Business and Management, Business Presentation
Convergence Courses 4th Industrial Revolution and Business, Business Data Analysis, Big-data in Business, Business Consulting, Business Capstone Design, Business and Society, Entrepreneurship and Startups, Design Management


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Contact Information

  • #50101, College of Business and Economics Dept. of Business Administration, Hannam-ro 70, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, 34430, Korea
  • Tel.: +82-42-629-7673
  • E-mail: business@hnu.kr
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